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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I planted the following three Syagrus species and/or hybrids on my garden lot way back around 2013. I grew most if not all of them from seeds. At one time they were tagged but no longer. I believe one of them (#3) may be S. picrophylla but need confirmation. Nos. 1 & 2 are true unknowns. All of them are smaller and much slower growing than common queens. Nor have they been affected by the fursiarum wilt that killed off all my queens and mules in 2014/15. None of them has flowered yet. They are easy-growing palms that take my climate and soil in stride.
      Syagrus ID #1

    • Marius
      By Marius
      Hi Everyone
      I need this Syagrus species identified please.  I tried under the "Cold Hardy" heading, but got no replies.  All inputs will be welcomed.
      Thank you

    • Marius
      By Marius
      Hi Everyone
      Another mystery palm.  Can anyone please help with identifying this palm.  I suspect it is a Syagrus sp.  Coronata?  Is there a green form?

    • masatepino
      By masatepino
      Went on a business trip to a very nice place near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Some seeds made it back home, maybe you can help me ID the species:
      The first one should be an Acrocomia. But maybe not aculeata. Not so spiny, no spines on the stems, and the seedlings without spines.

      The second one is an Attalea.  quite big seeds.

      more photos soon
    • Alicante
      By Alicante
      This Syagrus from Brazil thought that he/she was tired already of being just a simple Syagrus and evolved into a Roystonea. 

      Credits to kelen (palmtalk) http://www.palmtalk.org/forum/index.php?/topic/13535-variedades-de-syagrus-romanzoffiana/ 
      I also found this pic which I posted few years ago here in Palmtalk, within a field of the east coast of Spain. Those Syagrus look pretty cool too:

      Those ones also have a bit of a Roystonea feeling, isn't it? Not sure how they look nowadays. But that Brazilian one (1st pic) is just epic !

      Another Roystonea looking Syagrus. Add some green at the top of the trunk and it can perfectly pass as one. 
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