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    • TheMadScientist
      By TheMadScientist
      Yesterday Saturday 7-24-2021, the second stop on a 2 hour drive, was to pick up these seedlings and meet another great person involved in palms @The Germinator.  For the record, Ed, I will be bringing you additional cash, you will see why.  This is a current sale and there are plenty more, this is the quality you will be getting.  The donor palm in the background and community pot in the foreground was more than I expected.  Today Sunday 7-25-2021 turned out to be a 9 hour marathon to transfer the seedlings from the community pot to individual 16 oz. growing cups with 4 drain holes.  I was mixing peat moss, perlite into a batch, my palm soil has mixed dry leaves and dry horse manure composted over a 10 year period, mixed equal portions, add water just less than standing water consistency.   With the community pot out of container on it's side, each seedling was easy to separate without breaking roots.  These were advanced at that point where some of the seeds were done contributing and would fall off hollow.  Most roots were slightly longer than the height of these cups requiring me to lay the first couple of inches around the bottom of the cup, then dropping the moist soil around the held base packing such to eliminate all air pockets.  I hand squirt water to clean previous soil off the seedling.  I did these in a 15 quantity batch to use an old milk crate to transport to the patio for the family photo #2.  I had to stack all of these on my shelves before it got dark or the bunnies would make quick meals of them.  Photo #3 & #4 should make it through the night.
      original sales photo by @The Germinator

      My NEW Family portrait

      Shelf somewhat protected from too much sun, I need a plan for wind events

      Shelf with remainder of seedlings...the 2 liter plastic contain some HEDY's & 3 plastic tubs have R. Baueri's

    • chocolatethunda
      By chocolatethunda
      Hi all,

      I finally received seeds I ordered from rarepalmseeds.com here in Aruba (small island in the Dutch Caribbean).
      I would very much appreciate some suggestions on methods for germinating and care after the germination. I will keep updating the thread as they grow for future references.

      Below are the suggestions I'm most eager to learn about of the seed type (Dypsis Decaryi)
      Soil Medium for germination? (perlite, peat moss, coco coir?) Soak in water? (how many days, fungicide bath?) Does the sinker/floater test apply to these seeds too? Heat mat? Depth of Pots and soul medium after germination?  

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      My wife entered a raffle at our local YMCA and won a pair of almost identical 1 gallon Dypsis decaryi a couple of years back.  I decided to plant one in my new garden's front yard, with aloes, cycads and other plants which would appreciate westerly exposure and late afternoon sunlight.  The other one I held onto in a pot a little longer before planting where I had extracted my Encephalartos horridus x woodii, which I wanted to transplant to my new home.  The spot in the older garden gets some shade now from more mature palms near it.  While it gets mid-day sun in mid-summer in the old garden, its basically filtered shade most of the rest of the year and other times of day. 
      Now for the comparison in plants below.... pretty amazing.  I can blame a little on the delayed planting as well as a difference in soil (clay in Carlsbad, sandy in Leucadia).  So the lesson is that if you want a beefy triangle, give it sun.  If you like the anorexic look, go with shade.

    • Ilovepalm
      By Ilovepalm
      Hi. This is my seeds of dypsis deceryi from Dave  

      I hope they will germinate me  The rest of the news is available on my blog in the signature.
    • Pip
      By Pip
      That little montage was from when I aquired my my Dypsis decaryi nearly one and a half years ago when my late Grandmothers estate was finalised. The decaryi did get a bit wind blown during transit but seems to be settled into the ground now. I recently aquired a Ravenea glauca and a Dypsis ambositrea  (possibly Dypsis heteromorpha but most likely ambositrea). I thought about were I should plant them considering where my dogs and lawnmower like to run. I decided to expand the garden bed where the D. decaryi is and plant a few succulents I had in random places including a Nolina recurvata and Pachypodium lamerei. The thunderstorm last night made conditions perfect for planting out.

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