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    • Kstew
      By Kstew
      We're in awful, and pay pretty close attention to our palms, but this morning, I noticed the middle of this palm was brown... Really brown. So I started removing the outer palms that had brown bottoms. Each layer of brown contained cockroaches! Whaaaaat??!!! We planted these about 6 years ago and they do so well. What's going on???? The roaches are just doing their job with decay, but why is it doing??

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      Right, so this has pretty much come out of nowhere over the past 24-48 hours. Two major Atlantic storms are due to barrage into us this week with the first less severe one making landfall on Wednesday evening, affecting northern areas more. However the second more severe storm is due to hit central England with extremely violent wind speeds affecting the whole of the UK. That second storm is the one I am worried about down here in southern England. Potentially 100mph+ winds in the pipeline, looking at some of the models. 
      This is the first, and less severe, storm Dudley that is due to hit Scotland and northern England on Wednesday. This will still bring widespread disruption for most of the UK...

      Here's the second storm. This map looks real nasty, so hopefully it doesn't verify.  The UKV model is predicting 110-115mph winds off the coast of Wales and southwest England as Eunice makes landfall with category 2 hurricane wind speeds. I have 70mph gusts forecast for me here at 6am, before it even properly arrives. 

      The DWD Icon model is terrifying. 80-90mph winds for me here at 3pm on Friday. 100mph off the southeast coast of England. Again, hopefully this model does not verify either. 

      Potentially 130mph winds off the southeast coast of Ireland and UK. That is category 4 hurricane strength winds! Heaven forbid it makes landfall at that strength. 
      Worryingly there appears to be a third, even bigger storm building up behind the two others...
      There seems to be multiple scenarios and it could potentially be downgraded, or even upgraded further yet still. Some really worrying runs appearing in the models. 
      This needs to go in the bin/trash. Record wind speeds are going to be getting set in the southeast on Friday if this materialises. Potentially 100+ mph winds just southeast of London.

      The French Met are commenting on it, so you know things are serious. I hope those wind speeds are kmh and not mph!!!!
      London has a high of 17C / 63F forecast for Wednesday, but make no mistake it will still be overcast and windy as storm Dudley crashes into northern England and Scotland. The hurricane force winds won't arrive until Friday (black triangle) for the south of England, when storm Eunice makes landfall. Hopefully it gets downgraded between now and then... 

    • DCA_Palm_Fan
      By DCA_Palm_Fan
      I know it formed right before landfall, and it only made it to Cat 1.  What concerns me about this storm is the stall.  Its going to stall probably tomorrow for at least a few days.  The cone turns into a circle indicating a stall.  This could be catastrophic.    I guess we will find out, but after what we saw Harvey did, this is a definite concern. 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Rainy season in central Cape Coral, FL, commenced Friday, May 22 at 6 p.m. with rumbling thunder and the Whoosh! of a gullywasher that dropped 2" of rain in less than an hour on our parched 0.61 acre of Paradise. That is the most rain I've seen in the past 6 months as we've been in an extended drought. We have 80% chance of rain this coming week.
    • Hillizard
      By Hillizard
      It's back: El Niño expected later this year, forecasters say: https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/its-back-el-ni%C3%B1o-expected-later-this-year-forecasters-say/ar-AAyFm39
      ".... In the U.S., a strong El Niño can result in a stormy winter along the West Coast, a wet winter across the South and a warmer-than-average winter in the Pacific Northwest and northern Rocky Mountains... El Niño is a periodic natural warming of ocean water in the tropical Pacific that impacts weather in the U.S. and around the world. Globally, the climate pattern can bring dry conditions to Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia...In South America, Brazil can get drought, while Argentina may get more rain...."
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