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    • Missi
      By Missi
      Calling all South Florida Palmies who have alfredii in ground... what do you recommend for soil amendments when planting, if any?
      I have 2 SUUUPER overgrown one-gallons to plant out this weekend.
      EDIT to add: and how about planting them in full sun at this size?
    • Marc
      By Marc
      How does one tell 5 gallon jubaea from beccariophoenix alfredii?  I have inadvertently commingled some, and while there are noticeable differences when these palms get larger (such as yellow petioles for the beccariophoenix alfredii, and the jubaea fronds and leaflets are stiffer), for smaller plants I'm having difficulty telling them apart.  Does anyone have some easy keys for differentiating them?
    • Oviedo_z10b_lol
      By Oviedo_z10b_lol
      New guy here.
      Do any of my fellow central Floridians have any suggestions for good palm tree nurseries in and around Orlando? Somewhere with a solid selection and perhaps some rare or z10 palms. 
      Lukas Nursery is nice, albeit a bit overpriced. Apparently MB Palms is the go-to? 
      (Selfishly, the primary reason I ask... I’m looking for decent sized A. Cunninghamiana, B. Alfredi, and A. Engleri) BUT, I’m always keeping an eye out for new places to waste an afternoon and a few bucks. 
      Thanks in advance. 
    • Eric in Orlando
      By Eric in Orlando
      Stromanthe jacquinii is currently flowering at Leu Gardens. It is a tall growing Maranataceae that grows 5-7ft tall and is native from Nicaragua to Ecuador. It forms dense clumps and is very Heliconia-like. Its a great tropical plant for shady locations.

    • Eric in Orlando
      By Eric in Orlando
      Did anyone else in Central Florida get the deluge of rain Wed. morning? I came to work at Leu Garden at around 7:45am and it was storming and it rained very hard for over an hour. We got 3.15 inches here at the Garden. I live in Altamonte Springs about 12 miles north and hardly any rain. 
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