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Hi everybody! I am here without a clue what to get to my lil boy! He'll be 2 on Saturday and he has many toys and lots of clothes too. Find an interesting thing here https://giftsrelative.com/gifts-for-2-year-old-boys/ (SmartMax Start), but I'm not sure. Any ideas from you? Thanx in advance! 

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      A couple of years ago, the Palm Society of Southern California had a meeting and tour of Jeff Brusseau's home in Vista.  At the end of the meeting Jeff had a bunch of cuttings from some undergrowth plants that he gave away to the attendees.  I remember talking to him about how special plants were to him that he received from others.  I always think of that tour and Jeff's generosity in hosting the event when I look at this plant.  I know I heard what it was at the time, but I don't remember it's name.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of the colorful underside of the leaf of this plant.  Bottom line, I'm looking for the ID.  And thanks again to Jeff & his wife, I know that there were a lot of other folks who have propagated the many cuttings he shared that day.

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      First up is Jansin and me next to some of our favorite Copernicias(we call them muscle palms, in a deep voice and we always grab our biceps when we mention them) at Fairchild.

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