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    • Haddock
      By Haddock
      Beccariophoenix alfredii aka “Madagascar high land coconut” is a interesting palm, but it’s cold hardiness hasn’t been fully tested. I heard it’s hardy to the lower 20s when it’s young but what about mature specimens, how cold can they handle?
    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      Just had the first buds open on my Cleisocentron gokusingii which I got almost 2 years ago.  It was a pre-blooming size.  Since these can bloom in various shades of blue I really didn't know what to expect when it opened, but I'm very happy with the color on it.  Small flowers but when a clump of them open it really is beautiful!  Anyone else growing this orchid that can share their bloom colors?

    • Anne-Tahina Metz
      By Anne-Tahina Metz
      Tahina spectabilis
      Hi all !  
      I was very surprised when Kim reached me to let me know about this fundraiser ! I am so glad and happy about this initiative ! It brought me back to so many memories from the discovery.
      It was such an exciting thing to be part of ! Of course I was just a kid and didn’t measure the importance of it but now I realise how exceptional it is to have a tree named after me.
      I remember the whole thing from the picnic, to my Dad coming home one day telling us that Bruno had posted it on PalmTalk and everyone was going ballistic over it !
      I remember all the times we went to the site to see the inflorescence and how it evolved. We went to pick up the seeds and, in our garage, counted them and packed them to be shipped.
      My dad really wanted me to be as involved as I could in this discovery and I will never thank him enough for that.
      I remember Dr Dransfield’s visit, I remember seeing the excitement in his eyes when he first say the palm tree, it was like Christmas morning for him.
      If you have any question, please feel free to ask them, I will do my best to answer them  
      I thank all the PalmTalk community for it’s generosity and for not forgetting about the Tahina. You guys are amazing !! 
      lots of love 
      Tahina Metz
      see attachent a picture of me climbing a Tahina back in 2008

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I acquired this orchid prior to moving into my current home which is why I know it was at least 6 years ago that I bought it.  It has been a decent grower and the original plant has turned into 3 mountings in different areas in my garden.  Despite the plant growing fine, it never has flowered in those years.  About a week ago I noticed two unopened blossoms so I started checking on it daily.  Yesterday morning the first flower finally opened.  It didn't disappoint last night either with the fragrance noticeable from even just one open flower.  Thus far this orchid has required the most patience to get a bloom of any that I have grown.  I have a few others which I have had for a couple of years less that still haven't bloomed yet, so it may only hold the record temporarily.  Obviously I'm hoping it retains its record for my garden, as I want the others to bloom!

    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      On PT I see all the stunning photos and descriptions of past and future travel with the International Palm Society. 
      Here’s the group of us on the unforgettable Sarawak, Borneo pre tour in 2016.

      I recall times I almost did not sign up due to time, family and work constraints and costs involved.
      However every time it is only the trips I missed that I regret.
      And the friendships I have made across the world are at least as important as the sights and experiences.
      I took my first IPS trip using hoarded airline points through a country I had to find on a map (Qatar) to a place of my dreams (Thailand) in 2012, based primarily on comments by Palm Talk users I had never met.
      I am asking all of you now who have traveled anywhere on an IPS sponsored trip to post why you loved your trip(s). 
      Photos always welcome, but not required. 
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