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Thrinax radiata Seedlings Wild Collected in Cozumel

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About 3 years ago while on a cruise I visited Cozumel, an island off mainland Mexico. I took a guided tour along the coast where I saw 100s of Thrinax radiata populating the dunes. This species is also native to FL, esp. the Keys but the palms along the Cozumel coast were wild, not domestically planted. I'm very much interested in the introduction of genetic diversity into US domestic palms, so took the opportunity to gather wild seeds to take home for germination. I planted several seedlings in my yard but have more than I have room for. I really love this native Thrinax with its huge lime green fronds and thin trunk. It has a rumpled elegance that makes me smile. My largest has taken on Hurricanes Charley & Irma, the record winter 2009/2010 low of 28.5F. Seedlings on offer are 2-3 years old and going palmate.

I am selling them in 4 lots of two seedlings each.

Price per Lot of 2 seedlings: $20

Shipping: $10 for 1 lot, $15 for 2 or more lots.  Palms sent via Priority Mail without pots & soil, roots wrapped in damp orchid moss, clear wrap and foil

Payment via Paypal

No shipping overseas. No shipping to HI

NOTE: PM me if interested. Please do not use Status Update as I will not respond.

Photos of sample lot


Last photo is of my largest Thrinax radiata (NOT the mother palm)


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I really want to find these guys new homes so made the following revisions.

Revised price: $15.00 per lot of two seedlings

Shipping: $8.00 per lot. Actual shipping cost was less than I estimated. I will combine shipping for more than one lot.

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Despite being an old thread, are these still available? 

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Long gone

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