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    • TropicalGardenSpain
      By TropicalGardenSpain
      Hi everyone, I’ve been here a while but never posted much just taking advice from posts and admiring other gardens and palm collections! I’ve been working on my garden now for 4 years, when we purchased the property it was full of dead almond trees and we had to get a tractor in to clear the plot and access the house. It’s still very young garden and being so big it takes some doing but I’m hoping it will start to fill in as it matures. I thought I would load some photos as it is now. If you would like to see the progress I have an Instagram account dedicated to gardening which is TropicalGardenSpain.  

      Would love people to comment what palms I am missing here! Climate zone 10a we don’t have frosts but temperatures can drop briefly to 0c for an hour or 2 coldest nights in winter but days can be up to 15-20c and we have dry winters and summers. Watering the garden and keeping on top of it is the toughest jobs and one I will be tackling this year!

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Do you have a weather station? I have been thinking about getting one for Weather Underground... Are they good? 
    • Hillizard
      By Hillizard
      Now that the Dorne storyline is (presumably) over, I'll miss those great views of the palms in the water gardens of the 10th-century Alcázar Palace in Seville, Spain. It was used in HBO's Game of Thrones for the rulers of the House Martell. 

    • Dondequiera Jeff
      By Dondequiera Jeff
      As near as I can tell from looking at my palm books and on the internet, this palm is a Raphia farnifera. It is growing in Parque de la Paloma in Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain. I was surprised to see it as I assumed it was too tropical to grow in this area. Although it is a 10A area, it is cool for several months in the winter, with average daily highs only about 62ºF or about 16.5ºC. I have never seen another palm of this type in Andalucía. By the way, a few weeks ago we had temperatures down to about 2ºC but this palm seems completely unaffected. Can someone confirm that it is actually a Raphia farnifera? If not, any idea what it is?

    • DG57
      By DG57
      I went to Gran Canaria back in April 2015, and I took a few pictures of palm trees with my bad-quality smartphone.  Here are some of my photos (plus a bonus landscape picture):
      I'm not sure of the palm species in picture number 5 (the palm in the central part of the photo), anyone could help me please?

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