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BS Man about Palms

RIP Alfred Razafindratsira

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BS Man about Palms

I'm kinda surprised to not find this here yet, but Alfred of the Beccariophoenix alfredii fame and major seed supplier for a huge amount of the Madagascar palms passed away this past Tuesday I believe.

I find it comforting that just by happenstance I planted this alfredii on Monday. I have had it for years courtesy Pete Balasky who got the seed from Alfred before it was named.


RIP Alfred, a great contributor to the plant and Palm world.


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May he rest in peace. He will live in each of our beccariophoenix alfredii.

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Hilo Jason

It's sad to hear about this loss.  I had the opportunity to meet Alfred briefly on a short trip that I made to Madagascar a couple of years ago with Len.  It's great to know that his name will live on in the plant world thanks to the naming of Beccariophenix for him.  

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      By Eric in Orlando
      Thanks to a tip from PalmTalker donalt, I went downtown Orlando to investigate a couple of possible Beccariophoenix alfredii street plants. Sure enough they turned out to be BA. The first and second photos are of 7 planted in a median that separates bus and car lanes. It is on Livingston St. just east of I-4 in between the LYNX bus station and ACE Cafe. Interestingly the ACE Cafe is located in the historic Leu Building; Mr. Leu of Leu Gardens fame, this is where his business and warehouses were located. 

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      I couldn't resist..... I put my alfies in the ground. Zone 9a. I will protect them like Walt does his coconut in Central Florida until it they are too big or I  am too old. Maybe we will get a freak run of warm winters.

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      Have our 12-15 year old B.alfredii produced any seeds yet?
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      Following Dave's advice, I've been generous with the amount of water I give beccariophoenix alfredii - and boy does this palm love it. This palm doesn't even bat an eye in full sun and endless weeks of 110 degree weather. 

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      A few months back, I forgot to turn off my irrigation, and I left it on all night.  Not too long after, my Beccariophoenix got pink rot.  I splashed some daconil and Copper Fungicide in the crown, along with some Hydrogen Peroxide.    There look to be a few spears that are now pushing up.  I've wiped down the crown.  I think that it will pull through, but it would be nice to contain the particulates near the top of the spear - or cut them out.  Plant looks great otherwise.  Any additional thoughts?