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Free Dypsis Decipiens, Beccariophoenix and more

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Hello All,

After just having my second winter in a row of falling into the teens, I am having a zone denial giveaway of some of the palms I have been keeping in my greenhouse, but will never be safe in the ground here in the 8B/9A border region.   I am located just northwest of Houston (Magnolia, TX) and am giving away the following to anybody that wishes to give them a better home (preferably closer to the coast, inside the loop or as a patio plant).     There will be no shipping of these palms, so PM me if you wish to pick any up.

4 Beccariophoenix Alfredii  (~3 gallon pots)

2 Beccariophoenix  ???? (labels wore off, thinking madagascariensis) 3 Gallon Pots

3 Dypsis Decipiens (one already dividing into two) 3 Gallon Pots

2 Syagrus Botryophora(I think, again labels are gone) 3 Gallon Pots

4 Coconuts (in 10 gallon containers, look a little rough now from being stuck in cramped greenhouse, but come back strong outside in the summer heat here)

Here are some pics of a few of the plants I am offering.


Splitting Dypsis Decipiens


Syagrus Botryophora


B. Alfredii



Another view of Dypsis Decipiens


Beccariophoenix ??? 




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Makes me wish I was in Texas. I messaged a friend here at palmtalk that lives by in San Antonio, hoping he sees it and this before they are spoken for. Think he would enjoy them very much.

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PM sent.

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Man, those all look great, especially the Dypsis decipiens and the B. alfredii. I am extremely interested. I live in SW Houston. Check your PMs. 

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These have all found new homes.

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