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2018 freeze in central Florida

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Sandy Loam

Sorry, maybe that was the second freeze. I can't remember any more. 

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On 1/6/2018 at 10:26 PM, ThePalmNovice said:

I'm right on the edge of where Orlando's urban development stops. From here it's suburban all the way until downtown. Yet go 5 miles east and there's nothing but farmland and swamps for the next 45 miles. The front yard has lots of old trees everywhere and a covered patio which is why I think it faired better than the back. The back yard is completely fenced in with nothing taller than 7ft growing in it. The north east corner of the yard especially got frost, which is where the Adonidia's were located. 

They've definitely been getting worse as time has gone on. They look much browner today and the leaves on the Fishtail are starting to turn brown. I've been trying to water them a lot, but not sure what more I can do to help them along post freeze. 





I know this is old but that is such a shame!

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