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    • BamaPalmer
      By BamaPalmer
      It looks as though nature (or Divine Providence) is sparing the Miami-Lauderdale, FL area "Is-Aye-Ee-Ahs"  That is a nice way to begin August!  I guess that this is a temporary "reprieve" though as the next 60-70 days are a virtual shooting gallery in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico!
      I wish all our palm-loving, palm nurturing & growing members the very best of wishes (and freedom from bad storms) during this stressful season ahead.
      It kind of makes up a portion of my mind that asks itself: "what do I most fear as a threat to keeping my palmy landscape intact?"  Is in tropical cyclone season, or is it winter with it's potentially fatal, or at least damaging freeze/frost events?  I tend to lean towards fearing winter's cold more, because it seems more likely to get a bad cold spell than a hurricane.  What do you all think?  Which type of weather peril brings more shivers down your spine: cold waves or really bad storms?  
      Regards, Andy.

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