I was driving through Artesia the other night and came across street plantings of Royal Palms along South St. west and east of Pioneer Blvd.  I don’t recall ever seeing street plantings of Royals in SoCal before, except of course along Bear St. at South Coast Plaza.  These were planted in the center median along South St.  They must been planted in phases, with the most mature ones nearest Pioneer Blvd.  Less mature ones occur a little further east, and the newest plantings beyond that.  Some of the newest Royals look to be struggling a bit, while the rest look very healthy.  There must be 20-25 Royals in all along here. If anyone knows of other street plantings of Royals in SoCal, please chime in.   I was there at night, but I found some relatively recent Google street views that show some of the plantings.  Here they are: