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    • Moose
      By Moose
      First time I've seen this

    • Fi Melbourne
      By Fi Melbourne
      Hi guys,

      I've just received my 3 sprouted coconuts in the mail. This will be my first time growing coconut and I am a bit excited and nervous at the same time as I've never done this before.

      I grew up in South East Asia and my late grandfather's house was surrounded with beautiful coconut trees. Now that I've moved to Melbourne Australia, I wanted a piece of tropical paradise with me to remind me of my childhood.

      Since it's currently winter now in Melbourne, the coconuts will be grown indoor. Once they get bigger... I will move them in the greenhouse. Hopefully with the right method and equipment, I would be able to grow them in the ground one day. I have about a dozen of banana trees growing in the backyard already and now I just need a few coconut trees to have my own tropical paradise.

      Do you guys have any advice for a newbie like me? Do's and don'ts? I have a heat mat, grow light and humidifier to help these babies grow. Should I leave the heat mat on all night? I put plastic over them to create a humid environment. Any fertilizer at all at this stage?

      Thanks guys and it's great to be a part of this community.


    • sandgroper
      By sandgroper
      G'day all, just wondering what people think about the little coconut I've got as against the big one. The big one is a golden Malay dwarf, they are quite common in northern Western Australia and mine started out about the same size as the small one I have, I planted it 8 years ago now. The small one I bought about 3 years ago, does anyone think it may be a different variety? The reason I ask is that it is much slower growing than the large one, it is also much greener, the large one has a yellow stem to each frond and always has done even when it was small whereas the small palm has a green stem. The small one has never really been looked after over winters as against the big one which has always been protected in some way, up until this winter, yet the small one always seems to sail through winter almost unscathed. The small one I bought from a backyard nursery in the next suburb across from mine, they have lots of tropical plants they sell regularly but I don't know where they get their stock from. Anyway, curious to know what anyone thinks, any opinions are appreciated, cheers.
      2 pics of the small palm and 1 pic of the large palm for comparison. 

    • Yunder Wækraus
      By Yunder Wækraus
      Saw this on a FB group devoted to our old neighborhood

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So I remeber hearing someone say in a video that Immokalee does not have a good climate for more tender palms, I looked around on Google Maps on Streetview and saw these coconuts. Some look fine while others look horrible. I am kind of confused about this towns climate. Does it get a freeze every few years from being so far inland? What type of stuff would be the limit of what would survive there long term? 

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