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Small palm

7 Species - 35 Seeds

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Small palm

I currently have 7 different species of palm with a total of 35 seeds. I will list the species below with the quantity. I bought these seeds last spring (2016). I've been trying to sprout them over the last year, but I've had no luck. I know Palm seeds usually need bottom heat from a heating pad to sprout. Scarification can help them sprout too. I haven't tried bottom heat or scarification on these. The only reason I'm selling these is because I need to make room for some other seeds that I will be growing later this year. I don't have time or room to grow a large variety of plants. 

There's no guarantee they will sprout, but I gave them the water float test and they passed (see middle picture). I had 1 floater that I threw away already. Seeds that sink in water are good. This could be a great opportunity for someone. I will bag and label the seeds for you. 

        ***Species in Packet***

Silver Queen Palm: 10 seeds

(Syagrus romanzoffiana)


Sonoran Palmetto: 2 seeds

(Sabal uresana)


Dwarf Palmetto: 7 seeds

(Sabal minor)


Radicalis Palm: 1 seed

(Chamaedorea radicalis)


King Palm: 3 seeds

(Archontophoenix cunninghamiana)


Jelly Palm: 10 seeds

(Butia catarinensis)


Bismarck Palm: 2 seeds 

(Bismarckia nobilis)

All I'm asking for is that you pay for the shipping and a couple dollars for my time and materials to pack them up. I'm not trying to make money on these. I will ship the seeds in moist perlite to keep them from drying out. 

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, Thanks.





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Small palm

BUMP- I haven't been on in a while. I still have the seeds. Anyone in Nor Cal interested?

I'm in the Bay Area on the weekends and the Sacramento area during the week. 

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