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Northern Ca Palm Society Sylvia and Christensen Garden

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Date: Sunday, September 10, 2017.                        Time: 11:30 AM
Location: 3883 Woodford Drive, San Jose 95124 San Jose

This meeting will be in San Jose at the David Sylvia and Eric Christensen Garden. This is a truly inspirational garden with a wide variety of unusual Palms at their absolute finest. There is also a wide spectrum of other plant species in this garden that are ideally suited to the many naturally created micro climates from lush rain Forest to desert oasis. Every square inch of this landscape is covered with something that is ideally suited for every niche. The variety of color and texture also contributes to the experience of this intimate setting. There are many photos of this incredible landscape on the species pages of this web site. There will be a Potluck and Auction as usual. Join us at this truly inspirational sub-tropical palm garden by David Sylvia and Eric Christensen in West San Jose. The garden is now 19 years old, having been started by Dave in 1995 after returning from living on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are now large fruiting palms, from Brahea to Phoenix and Linospadix to Chamaedorea. The garden is planted on a lot size of 9600 sq feet, is meticulously manicured, and planted with palms, cycads, bromeliads, vines and sub-tropical/tropical plants.

The garden has been designed to create “rooms” or different seating areas, each of which has complimenting plants. You will find walk-ways that lead to hidden areas of the garden that harbor some amazing and usual plants!.

Dave and Eric are constantly adding to this already brimming garden! They are avid collectors and are ever in search of that perfect new plant, even if it means the removal of an existing plant to accommodate it. What you will see is what can be done on a typical size suburban lot with some imagination and lots of attention to detail.

Color is an extremely important element in this garden so you can expect lots of it in the form of flowering plants, bromeliads, vines and ART GLASS! Yes Art Glass in the garden. When the sun shines through these pieces, the effect is magical.

There will be a pot luck lunch, and garden tours led by our hosts. We’ll split up into two groups as the garden is small and packed with unusual plants. This will make it much easier for people to ask questions about the garden.

In addition to your contribution to the pot luck, please don’t forget to bring what you would like to drink, and perhaps a plant for our auction. We’ll have plenty of ice!

San Jose is very warm this time of year so dress accordingly and bring your sunscreen!
Contact: Glenn Harris

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