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Encephalrtos munchii pollen is needed!

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My female E. munchii is throwing 5 cones!!!  I will need pollen.  I will split the seed 50/50 with the pollen donator. Send a pic of your male plant.

Thank you,





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I still need pollen!  I am interested in crosses.  I am going to cross one cone with orange coning E. ferox. 


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      I’m currently living in the UK, but will be emigrating to Australia within the next 2-3 months. 
      I’m looking for pure seeds of Allagoptera, Jubaeopsis, Lytocaryum, Parajubaea sunkha, Parajubaea cocoides, and hybrid seeds (in any combination) of Allagoptera, Butia, Jubaea, Jubaeopsis, Lytocaryum, Parajubaea, and Syagrus to take with me, or contacts in Australia who have mature specimens of the above.
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