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    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      Trying to grow a triple trunked robusta trip and wondering if anyone has any tips or advice. I’ve germinated 3 seeds and placed them close together in a pot, are they too close together? 

    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      Sabal minor are so underrated. Everyone that can grow them should. Everyone regularly on the cold hardy section should have as many as possible. Being native to so many different states and areas there’s so much diversity in just this one Sabal species. I love growing them, but I also love seeing them. Let’s see some pics!!!
    • GoatLockerGuns
      By GoatLockerGuns
      Pictures of Sabal minor growing in habitat at Honey Creek State Natural Area, Texas (approximate GPS coordinates: 29.859131138720375, -98.48455621328327).  These were taken on January 29, 2022.  There are some other specimens growing along the river at the adjacent Guadalupe River State Park; however, they are not as prevalent, or grow as large there.  These Sabal minor were observed growing in three distinct environments: 1. Along the creek side and close to water; 2. Along and on top of the rocky hillside/cliffs; and 3. Out in the open in the Live Oak savanna.

    • Chester B
      By Chester B
      Pretty standard stuff but the whole lot cost me $35 including shipping. I figure there’s about 100 Sabal minor seedlings. I just couldn’t pass it up even though I have no need for them. I’m planning on doing some guerilla planting and a mass planting in my own yard. 

    • SALOttawa
      By SALOttawa
      I live in Ottawa, Canada. I have been growing palms for about seven years in pots. This year I am trying my first palm planted in the ground and overwintering it outdoors (with protection, of course). It is a washingtonia robusta. If it survives the winter, I will be planting two or three more in the spring. I also want to try a couple of Trachycarpus Fortunei. I am also trying to overwinter some musa basjoo and a dracanea by covering them with mulch. I also have a yucca which has been outside for three years now with no protection. If you have experience with any of these in zone 5a, or less, I would love to hear your experiences. If you want to check out my yard on YouTube, search Constance Bay Palms.
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