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AAAA - Virginia Palm Freeze Damage Data

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A few of my palms did have some damage,  one Butia had a lot of browning (it was covered with a bucket), another Butia had tip browning (it was covered in a large pot), and my Mediterranean Fan Palm had a lot of browning on random places (covered with a wooden structure and a tarp). My Needle Palm and Windmill Palm appear to be fine. The windmill had a tarp over it and many layers under and the needle had no protection. No heat was applied to any of these palms.




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We went down to 3 degrees F one night. 

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Derwood MD zone 7a.  we had 3 nights of lows at 5F, at least 1 of which had 20-30 mph winds

First pic is Sabal Minor - 8 or so inches of oak leaf and straw mulch.  Also a 4 foot high wind break with frost cloth (That fence is north of the plant also providing wind protection.)  Basically no damage and a spear developed (to the right of the yardstick)  First winter in the ground.

Second Pic Needle Palm. Same protection as sabal.  Main plant and two pups.  Main plant and one pup  unphased and sending up new spear.  Other Pup in front developed spear pull in November before any real cold weather.  Been fighting it with copper fungicide and hydrogen peroxide.  You can see dying fronds front left The frond in front with the blackish leaves was buried all winter beneath the mulch.  First winter in ground

Third Pic is trachy.  Some tip burn.  I covered with a cage and that blue tarp in background during the 3 cold nights and had xmas lights on the ground providing heat.  Second winter in ground

The last two are Chinese fan palms. tried to keep them in the garage (not heated but usually in the 40s) when outside temp got below 20ish, otherwise spent day in the Sun (southern exposure) There are some completely green fans most many have partially turned yellow.  I added grow lights in the garage in January.  This did not turn out so well, though do have some new spears  Planning to trim off dead materiel and leave all the green.






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