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Got Time Lapse Photos of Whashingtonia?

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Does anyone have before and after pics of their Washingtonia growing? It is interesting to see their growth after years. 

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I posted yearly photos in a thread this summer. From one gallon to 14' of trunk.

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Pal Meir

Here a couple old Before & After pix of potted Washies.

1972 & 1974:



1982 & 1984:



1989 & 2012:



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I do not have a before picture, but this is three years growth (~6' of trunk) from a volunteer seed.   Do not plant palms, especially Washingtonia near a septic tank!  Roots got down through the clean-out lid and had unlimited water and fertilizer (and clogged the inlet).


DSC03148 (Custom).JPG

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