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Got Time Lapse Photos of Whashingtonia?

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Does anyone have before and after pics of their Washingtonia growing? It is interesting to see their growth after years. 

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I posted yearly photos in a thread this summer. From one gallon to 14' of trunk.

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Pal Meir

Here a couple old Before & After pix of potted Washies.

1972 & 1974:



1982 & 1984:



1989 & 2012:



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I do not have a before picture, but this is three years growth (~6' of trunk) from a volunteer seed.   Do not plant palms, especially Washingtonia near a septic tank!  Roots got down through the clean-out lid and had unlimited water and fertilizer (and clogged the inlet).


DSC03148 (Custom).JPG

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    • ChicagoDee
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      Can someone please help? Bought this washie as a rehab from Lowes clearance section. She hung out in the backyard all summer. Didn’t grow a ton but got a little healthier and a couple new fronds. I decided to clean her and bring her inside. (I live in Chicago) Medium is very chunky: premium potting mix with perlite, added bark, pumice, charcoal and cactus mix. Since October, I have only watered twice. It immediately lost all fronds (didn’t cut them until they were totally brown) except the unopened one. All these months that frond has still not opened! It’s in suspended animation. Do I need to water more? Is this just transplant shock??? It’s in a north facing window with additional grow lights on it. Ignore the diatomaceous earth—fungus gnats. 

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      I live in Ottawa, Canada. I have been growing palms for about seven years in pots. This year I am trying my first palm planted in the ground and overwintering it outdoors (with protection, of course). It is a washingtonia robusta. If it survives the winter, I will be planting two or three more in the spring. I also want to try a couple of Trachycarpus Fortunei. I am also trying to overwinter some musa basjoo and a dracanea by covering them with mulch. I also have a yucca which has been outside for three years now with no protection. If you have experience with any of these in zone 5a, or less, I would love to hear your experiences. If you want to check out my yard on YouTube, search Constance Bay Palms.
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      I recieved Washingtonia robusta, Phoenix sylvestris, and Archontophoenix alexandrae seeds this morning. I have a heat mat coming in hopefully on Thursday which will be a huge help with germinating these. No more using the cable box! Any tips? I have 0 experience with any of these, although i know the robusta should pop pretty easily.  Are any of these remote germinators? Anything would be greatly appreciated!
    • Arecaceae78743
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      Yesterday I was on a trip to Dallas and on the way up I spotted some sort of Washingtonia behind a Hooters of all places just of the 35 in Waco. I didn’t have time to snap a picture, but sure-enough it was pushing green that was visible from the highway. 
      I believe it’s a Robusta Hybrid from looking at google maps past years, but you make your own analysis 
      Oh and there where also some W.filiferas and CIDPs that recovered nicely at Quality Inn & Suites Near University 
      Blurry picture on the way back  

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