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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Saw this article in the news this morning. Haven't read it yet but am already shivering. If there is any good in this news, it's that the vortex won't arrive until mid-February. Maybe the effects won't be as severe by then.
      Note: I'm reading article now. Polar vortex to start end of Dec. and inflict "one of the harshest winters in years." Yikes! I remember the last one not too many years back.
    • IHB1979
      By IHB1979
      I wanted to continue Ray's, Potential for Florida Freeze in January thread. It's a new month but we still have several more weeks of possible cold weather. 
      About ten days out but I saw this model for Thursday, February 11. Lots of cold air pouring down to the Gulf and Florida.

    • WestCoastGal
      By WestCoastGal
      Watching CBS Evening News tonight and really sorry to hear that a Polar Vortex is due to head down the Midwest real soon and into the south. They said they are expecting it to last several days before retreating back into Canada. Hope the heads up allows you to make plans. Yikes it's only early November.
    • bubba
      By bubba
      The Polar Vortex transmigrated from the West coast to the East coast and the numbers tell the story:

      Phoenix, Az.
      Maximum Median Minimum
      81F 60F 39F
      Heating Cooling Growing
      151 4 295

      Brownsville, Tx.
      M M M
      84F 58F 32F
      H C G
      233 21 272

      Miami, Fl.
      M M M
      85F 68F 46F
      H C G
      55 152 551

      Honolulu, Ha.
      M M M
      82F 73F 61F
      H C G
      0 246 691

      Los Angeles, Ca.
      M M M
      85F 63F 44F
      H C G
      93 17 369

      How about them apples?

    • empireo22
      By empireo22
      Here is what my potted noni looks like after the cold front and seeing 40 degrees (4 c) one night and 43 (6 c) the next. The fruit stayed but lost a lot of leaves and major foliage burn.

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