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Small Area of Zone 10a In Lousisana

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Exactly. I'm a solid 10a, but there's way too little heat here to support the growth of most tropical plants. Sure, we very rarely dip below 40 F, but it's actually nice to see a winter day where the high manages to creep above 70 F.

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On 12/1/2016, 9:10:28, Yunder Wækraus said:

But it's important to remember that CA and southern Louisiana are quite different. Southern Louisiana is quite a bit further south that San Diego, and it borders on a body of water that is extremely warm during the summer (the Gulf of Mexico average temp never drops below 60 at Grand Isle, Louisiana https://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/egof.html ). Louisiana would probably be 11a at the coast and 10a well inland if only the South were protected from arctic blasts by a ring of mountains. CA, on the other hand, is bordered by a very cold ocean (average temps get as low as 59 in San Diego, and they never approach 70 even in the summer https://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/spac.html ). CA is protected from arctic blasts by high mountains, and the cold Pacific moderates things enough to avoid coastal freezes. Inland Southern CA is probably as warm as can be. I doubt even a warm water current running along the coast of Southern California would increase what could be grown there. Louisiana, however, is performing far below its potential. If only the earth would get with the program and give the South some taller mountains (and place them east to west) :-)

I really don't understand the water warmth in Grand Isle; average highs there are no higher than 63F, and lows are in the low 40s.

Wilmington NC with an average water temp of 58F in Jan? Much warmer than many places on the coast further south  (Georgia, South Carolina, etc)? Virginia Beach waters in the 60s in Dec, even with highs/lows in 50s/30s. Doesn't add up.

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Not many people even try. But, more recently with warmer temperatures in South Louisiana and milder temperatures,  I have seen an increase of palms being planted and they seem to do very well.   So, I believe its definitely worth a try.  

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