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Palms and plants - SW Florida

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I'm thinning out my collection and have several palms and plants to offer to anyone close enough to come pick them up (Sarasota).

3 gal. Chamaerops humilus var. cerifira

1 gal. (tall pot) Coccothrinax ssp.

1 gal. Chamaedorea seifrizzi

3 gal. 'mystery palm' (probably Copernicia ssp.)


(2) small succulents - free

Pseudobombax ellipticum (shaving brush tree) -  *in-ground but still small enough to move/transplant

1 gal. Clerodendrum paniculatum 'orange pagoda'

1 gal. Pandanus bernardii

1 gal. night-blooming epiphyte (climbing 'cactus')

large maroon and green bromeliad (clumping) 

(2) small/medium green and maroon bromeliads

3 gal. ornamental banana

3 gal. (small) staghorn fern

3 gal. ginger (unknown variety)

3 gal Justicia sp. ' king's crown' or 'Brazilian plume' (tall form)

1 gal. bull's horn acacia

3 gal. Sinningia sellovii

1 gal. Jatropha podagrica ('buddha belly plant')

1 gal. Burbidgea scheizocheila



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Has anyone taken the 3 gal. Chamaerops humilus var. cerifira off of your hands yet?

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