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green serenoa repens seed

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green serenoa repens seed for trade. I have maybe a few thousand to trade and would prefer other cold hardy seeds. US trades only please and PM me.

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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      My silver Serenoa repens are coming up! After so long! Do they turn sliver after the first leaf? Even if these are normal green ones, I don't care, I wanted some form of Serenoa repens for so long now! 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I have some Serenoa repens seeds and am wondering if there are any requirements for germinating them that I should know. I have them in a plastic baggy with damp peat moss and perlite. How long do they general take to germinate? 
    • Matthew92
      By Matthew92
      Went for a small hike at Crooked Lake Prairie in Babson Park, FL (just south of Lake Wales). Beautiful, endangered scrub habitat with lots of pine, scrub oak, and palmetto. Saw these unusually looking old saw palmetto throughout the trail- largest I've ever seen. I wonder how old they are.

      Some more typical saw palmetto throughout the trail

      Apparently they can branch a lot along the trunk

      It also looks as if the trunk can root in the ground as it grows horizontally, as this one appeared to be cut from the main stem and still growing.

      They looked like snakes on the ground

    • Ubuntwo
      By Ubuntwo
      Saw this when hiking through Myakka River State Park outside of Sarasota, a saw palmetto with a high, vertical trunk. I've seen plenty with a trunk going up maybe a few feet off the ground, but never as high or straight as this individual.
    • Yunder Wækraus
      By Yunder Wækraus
      We saw this pretty mixed palm, pine, and oak forest on a camping trip on the Deseret Ranch over the weekend. (And I've added a picture of a mature crested caracara that we saw on our way out of the ranch; habitat with this sort of forest mixed with cattle pasture is the only place you can find this species thriving in Florida.)