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Butia ID in Poti, Georgia

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I believe this is a picture of a Butia that I took in the City of Poti, Georgia (the Republic of; not the State of) back in 2008.  Can anyone confirm if it is, in fact, a Butia; and if so, what species?  The dark green color of this palm really intrigued me and I had to take a shot.


Any assistance you can provide in identifying this palm would be greatly appreciated.




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Its a Butia for sure. One that size is an odorata, eriospatha or yatay. I leaning towards odorata based on that pic. Is the spathe fuzzy?

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Brad Mondel

It's most likely a Butia odorata. They're very variable in color and frond arch. Need clean seeds to confirm. 

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Thanks guys!


Butia odorata is definitely at the top of my list; but that color though.  I have been seeing a lot of Pindo Palms for sale here in the San Antonio area (5G to 15G range); but they are all light green (almost silvery) in color.  I have yet to find another picture of any Butia that is this same dark, dull green.


Here is another pic from a different angle.




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    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I was up the hill from my house taking photos of the sunset and decided to take a picture of this Butia in my friend's yard.  I haven't asked him how old it is and if it was there when he bought the house in 1978.  Which Butia is it?  Sorry I didn't go around to the backyard to get a better photo including the trunk.

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      so my butia was in decline along with my other plants this past winter indoors
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      after doing some reading here on the forum i found a thread which recommended adding sulphur to the soil
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      i have been adding small spoonfuls of sulphur and it has worked to green up the butiathank you!!
      a friend bought two foxtail palms this spring but now the spears are too tall to fit at his place
      looks like i will be plant sitting these two foxtails!
      one spent its summer not too far from me, the other was outside of toronto
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      something i found interesting was out of my two mediterranean fan palms the taller one has a skinny trunk and the shorter one has much more gerth
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      After all of these years I finally got to buy a house with over half an acre and now almost all of the palms are planted.
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      What is the Butia on the left? These are from Parde Island in Texas.

    • Brad Mondel
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      I've seen thousands of Butias but never a variegated one! 
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