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Scenes from the Biennial, July 2016 IPS Newsletter

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Click this link to read the July Newsletter.  


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BS Man about Palms

Wow, loved the reminisce, reminds just how fast the time went.. :o


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Love the newsletter!

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    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      On PT I see all the stunning photos and descriptions of past and future travel with the International Palm Society. 
      Here’s the group of us on the unforgettable Sarawak, Borneo pre tour in 2016.

      I recall times I almost did not sign up due to time, family and work constraints and costs involved.
      However every time it is only the trips I missed that I regret.
      And the friendships I have made across the world are at least as important as the sights and experiences.
      I took my first IPS trip using hoarded airline points through a country I had to find on a map (Qatar) to a place of my dreams (Thailand) in 2012, based primarily on comments by Palm Talk users I had never met.
      I am asking all of you now who have traveled anywhere on an IPS sponsored trip to post why you loved your trip(s). 
      Photos always welcome, but not required. 
    • SW_FL_Palms
      By SW_FL_Palms
      IPS has posted it's pre & post tours.   Unfortunately, the do not go to areas where you can see the Spiny Forest, Succulents,  Baobabs.  Of course, it is the palm society so they are focused on palms.
      Is there anyone out there that would like to join us on Madagascar tour that would take us to see the iconic plants that I listed above ?   A tour company will customize. and provide a quote    So let me know if you are interested, and preference for either before or after the biennial in Reunion.   
    • Tracy S
      By Tracy S
      I understand the 2020 IPS Biennial will be held in Reunion Island. Do we have firm dates yet? When will the travel details be available?
    • Kim
      By Kim
      Hello from Cali, Colombia. It is the evening of the Farewell Dinner, but I will take a few minutes to post some pics from the adventure. Bo (bgl) and I spent a few days in Bogotá in advance of the Biennial. We visited the Jardín Botanico de Bogotá and also went up the teleférico to the top of Montserrate to take in views of the city. The elevation of the city is 8,675 ft. (2,644 m.) and the top of the hill is 10,341 ft. (3,152 m.), a good way to acclimate for hiking at lower levels to see Ceroxylon.

    • doranakandawatta
      By doranakandawatta
      Can you name the species you can see on this picture?
      How many palms?

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