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    • newtopalmsMD
      By newtopalmsMD
      I am planting a Trachycarpus Nainital in my pool area.  My question is, how far from the trunk will the roots grow?  I want to leave enough room from the cement decking  and some of the underground pipes that make the pool work.  Also I don't want to be planting annuals too close to the trachy and disturbing the trachy roots when I lift annuals for the winter.  
      Also I have very well-draining clay (sounds odd I know).  Any thoughts on what medium I should plant in?  Just the native soil/clay.  Native clay emended with garden soil/humus? vermiculite? builders' sand?  Are there really 10 different ideas all of which work pretty much the same?
      Many thanks!
    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      No not me, the plant. 

    • Eric in Orlando
      By Eric in Orlando
      I came across this nice sized Corypha utan on Saturday. It is growing in Rockledge (just south of Cocoa) in a yard facing the western shore of the Indian River lagoon. It has some cold damage but I think more of the damage maybe from wind/salt spray from Hurricane Irma. There are Adonidia/Cocos/Hyophorbe/Veitchia nearby with minimal damage. A Livistona decora is to the right for scale.
    • Missi
      By Missi
      I hope @Hillizard doesn't mind me borrowing this photo of his for this post  He was at the Osher Rainforest exhibit in San Francisco when he took this photo. He was not able to get an i.d. at the exhibit. The photos were posted in @Jdiaz31089's palms of San Fran thread where I asked the palm's i.d. but there were no answers. Does anyone here know?
      Is it a Mauritia species? Is it Sabal mauritiiformis? It's certainly not a Corypha, right? 

    • Tracy
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