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Young Needle Palm Hardiness

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On 2/22/2017, 4:55:09, Laaz said:

I cut the pups & root them all the time. I have never sealed or did anything to the truck & they don't miss a beat.



Do you wait for the suckers to get a particular size before cutting them (to maximize survival)?  I've got one I'd like to trim at some point.

Around here Home depot and Walmart sell the ~2g blue pot palms....but strangely Lowes does not.  At Walmart they hit 50% off at some point in the fall but sell out fast (only got one on sale last year).  Home Depot never discounts them, even if they're dying - unfortunate because they've got the better selection.

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    • LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      By LasPalmerasDeMaryland
      I decided to try a needle palm here in zone 7b Mid-Atlantic. I figure that after 3 years of protection they should be near bulletproof here as they are rated as zone 6b and the summers here can be sweltering. I tried them here before but the first one died during the fall due to transplant shock (as it was shipped bare-root from the west coast) and the second one was a Home Depot blue pot from florida. I don’t think the blue pot one was a very strong plant as the leaves were quite brittle and snapped frequently. I’ve heard blue pots in general aren't very strong due to over-fertilization since they’re so slow growing. 
      Anyway, this palm was shipped with a pot! So I hope that will ensure it’s survival. I also got it a bit bigger to make sure it’s hardy. I hope y’all like my new baby! 

    • kbob11
      By kbob11
      Hi everyone,
         The weather is finally going to warm up a little starting next week.  My question is does anyone have experience with Needles consistently experiencing night time lows in the upper 20s?  I know that they can survive well below that for absolute lows but how about in and out of freezes?  I would like to air mine out as it has been covered in leaves and boxed since Thanksgiving.  Below is our extended forecast.  Thanks!

    • tjwalters
      By tjwalters
      A few pictures of my second largest needle palm growing in MD, z7a on the northwest corner of the garage.  Planted as a small palm about 12 years ago.

      In the past my largest needle has produced many viable seeds, but in recent years my needles have been producing only male flowers.  This year this palm has produced a few seeds.  Note the old male flowers around the fruits.  Most folks think needles are either male or female, but they can produce male, female and hermaphroditic flowers on the same plant.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      My Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix) is finally flowering! I won’t get any seed off of it (if it is a female, I’m still not sure what it is yet and don’t know how to tell) because I only have one and there are none close by that I know of. But it is still really cool, and is my first palm to ever flower! 

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