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    • GoatLockerGuns
      By GoatLockerGuns
      Can anyone confirm if this is Coccothrinax argentata?  This photo was taken in 2010 at Rainbow Blue Hole on Andros Island, Bahamas.  In habitat, these palms grow straight out of the exposed coral reef ground cover; very little, if any, actual dirt.

    • aztropic
      By aztropic
      Just returned from a week in the Bahamas!
      There is a place called "The Retreat" gardens in Nassau that is about as palmy as it gets in the Bahamas.They claim to have about 150 different species  maybe? Anyways,they are all planted in these naturally occurring limestone sinkholes,which are all over the property, under rather shady conditions of natural forest.There are a few dozen rare palms there but the speed of growth has generally been hampered by too much shade.Still an interesting place to visit though.
      I did find this Copernicia fallaensis,though.At 65 years old,you would think it might be a little bigger.It doesn't appear to have produced any seed yet,probably due to the shade.

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