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The most interesting man in the world

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I just got a call this morning from the son of Max Wurzel of the San Fernando valley.

He called to say his dad had passed a few days back and he was going thru his phone

book calling all his friend w/the news.  Max lived to 95 and packed more adventure into

those years than any 5 others I know.  He was a gardener/groundskeeper by trade, but

an Indiana Jones by nature.  The day I first met him, he invited me over to see his garden-

all things tropical, as you can only grow in that area and with 80+ yrs of experience.

He then sat me down for a mesmerizing couple hours looking at several slide shows of his

travels, mostly to South America.  The most notable was his self guided trip up Mount Roraima

in Venezuela, made famous by the 1912 book The Lost World by Aurthur Conlan Doyle...and this

arduous trip was done after his 75th birthday!  The other trips were equally amazing and most in his

later years.  He was still daring me to join him on the Amazon for another trip while in his 90's!  This

is a guy who new no limits.  It is he who should've starred in the Dos Equis beer ads titled "The most

interesting man in the world".

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Great story, sounds like Max Wurzel lived a fully engaged life.  A model for all of us. Some might say what a lucky man he was; but it sounds like he made his own luck by seizing the day.  Condolences to  you, his friends and family.

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