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Ken Johnson

IPS Provides This Resource Free

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Ken Johnson

Many moons ago I posted some interesting information about how things work at IPS and even ran for and was elected to the Board Of Directors. At the time I was worried about support for PalmTalk and many PalmTalk members added to the discussion, many even became members and donors as a result.  PalmTalk Lives!

I have made many observations about the current state of the IPS and I can tell you we have a core group of hard working people that are doing a great job of trying to hang on to this Non Profit Organization. Our Scientific Publication which is the heart of our reason for being is better than ever and should be a resource for scientist and collectors forever.

There is one issue though that stands out. Membership. Funny thing is that the membership here online has grown tremendously over the same time period. I know that paying $45 a year is not the same as having PalmTalk for free but without IPS we won't have PalmTalk. After disclosing this problem many moons ago we had a few new members sign up. I hope the same will happen now. We rely need it.

The future of non profit palm organizations will no doubt be different than the past. IPS has set the pace from the beginning and will soon have some new membership benefits including a new web site. I hope that some of the new ideas about travel and membership meetings will evolve into the kind of events hundreds of members will want to attend and that hundreds of NEW members will want to be a part of.

Please join!



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