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    • MarioPalmCUBA
      By MarioPalmCUBA
    • MarioPalmCUBA
      By MarioPalmCUBA
      Mi primer post lo quiero dedicar a este importante tema, se trata de la especie Corypha taliera (Extinta es su hábitat natural),  nativa de Myanmar (Birmania)y la región bengalí de la India y Bangladesh y que dentro de sus características podemos destacar que su inflorescencia son apicales (el ápice vegetativo se transforma en yema floral) por lo que muere después de su única floración. 
      En el Jardín Botánico de Cienfuegos se cuenta con tres individuos plantados en 1970 y que se encuentran en fase terminal (Fin de fructificación) de los cuales se han colectado una gran cantidad de semillas y se trabaja en su reproducción en vivero además del monitoreo mensual de la regeneración natural que posee cada individuo en un radio reducido de 5 m2. En las fotos se puede apreciar su enorme inflorescencia y la presencia de algunos frutos.

    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! Just. Question. I am in the Phoenix area and last year I planted a beautiful royal palm. I noticed the base of the trunk was starting to Crack. My instincts were telling me that it's normal since the trunk is expanding. Today for a moment I thought, could this be sun damage? It is planted on an Eastern exposure in-between two homes. Hopefully it's normal and she is just getting chunky! Thank you for your time. 
    • GardnerDylan6a
      By GardnerDylan6a
      Does anyone know the cold hardiness of w. filifera in proportion to it´s age or trunk dimensions, also does anyone know if the location of the tree dramatically affects the cold hardiness of it´s seeds
    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      Here is a catalog of all the bigger CIDP's around London and their locations, so that they can be monitored moving forward. It also helps for people to know where they can find them exactly, should they be in the area and decide to visit some. Many of these CIDP's are not well known, so I will be photo-documenting and logging quite a lot of fairly large specimens in the city and suburbs.
      Starting with the one at Lambeth Bridge...

      River Gardens, Fulham

      Hollands Park


      These CIDP's on the intersection are fruiting profusely and producing viable seed...

      Another one further down the street...

      There's two big CIDP's outside Hackney town hall. They've been there about 20 years. 

      Egerton Place

      It's in need of a trim, which will make the trunk look even bigger...

      Mount Street gardens, Mayfair

      Notting Hill


      White City, west London


      Next to a church in Ealing, West London.

      Next to Wimbledon fire station. 

      People's back gardens in Bermondsey, south west London

      Wapping, East London

      Eaton Square...


      North Kensington...

      Clapham again...



      East Dulwich


      Apartments in Fulham

      St. Annes in Notting Hill

      Front gardens kitted out...


      Another in Notting Hill...

      A back yard in the London suburb of Leyton...

      Decent sized specimen in Walworth...

      That will do for now. I will upload the rest tomorrow as there are tons of other CIDP's in people's gardens/yards. I've barely scratched the surface on the London CIDP's yet...
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