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    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      On PT I see all the stunning photos and descriptions of past and future travel with the International Palm Society. 
      Here’s the group of us on the unforgettable Sarawak, Borneo pre tour in 2016.

      I recall times I almost did not sign up due to time, family and work constraints and costs involved.
      However every time it is only the trips I missed that I regret.
      And the friendships I have made across the world are at least as important as the sights and experiences.
      I took my first IPS trip using hoarded airline points through a country I had to find on a map (Qatar) to a place of my dreams (Thailand) in 2012, based primarily on comments by Palm Talk users I had never met.
      I am asking all of you now who have traveled anywhere on an IPS sponsored trip to post why you loved your trip(s). 
      Photos always welcome, but not required. 
    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Do any Australians (or people who visited Australia) on the forum have any pictures of some Australian palms in habitat? I know there are scattered pictures around the forum but I thought I should make a thread specifically about them. Please post your pictures if you have any. Also, what are the cold hardiest Australian palms? 
    • doranakandawatta
      By doranakandawatta
      Can you name the species you can see on this picture?
      How many palms?

    • doranakandawatta
      By doranakandawatta
      I think Adonidia merrilli is a good species for this use. (if it is really Adonidia)
      Same in Florida or California?

    • doranakandawatta
      By doranakandawatta
      I wonder if IPS Biennal visitors will post some pics of their palmy journey. ( It seems to me I have seen very few)
      in Singapore Botanic Gardens I noticed these Areca Vestiaria... Nice bench 

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