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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Does anyone know what variety of avacado tree this appears to be? I grew it from seed and I know the actual tree doesn't end up being the variety of avacado it cane from. Does it even have a specific variety, or is it kind of like a "wild" avocado since it isn't grafted? 

    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      On PT I see all the stunning photos and descriptions of past and future travel with the International Palm Society. 
      Here’s the group of us on the unforgettable Sarawak, Borneo pre tour in 2016.

      I recall times I almost did not sign up due to time, family and work constraints and costs involved.
      However every time it is only the trips I missed that I regret.
      And the friendships I have made across the world are at least as important as the sights and experiences.
      I took my first IPS trip using hoarded airline points through a country I had to find on a map (Qatar) to a place of my dreams (Thailand) in 2012, based primarily on comments by Palm Talk users I had never met.
      I am asking all of you now who have traveled anywhere on an IPS sponsored trip to post why you loved your trip(s). 
      Photos always welcome, but not required. 
    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      What is this plant? I am sure it is an easy one but I have never seen it before, it's planted at a pool. I like the looks of it. 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So I completely forgot about my Bald Cypress seeds left in the fridge from last fall. Just one week and two days ago I put all of the seeds (that were in the fridge) in a big community pot and did not think anything would happen. Then I left to visit family for a week. I came back and four sprouted. I heard these can sometimes take months to sprout and they have bad germination rates (which is true, I had over 50 seeds and only four came up, so far). I thought this was pretty cool. 

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I have a couple of these Cussonia spicata growing since I liked the coarse texture of the bark for epiphyte mounting.  The one pictured has been in less than a full year now, but has really taken off (photos are 4 months apart).  The growth habit is the same as on the other one I have which is straight up with no branching.  I'm wondering at what point do they start branching?  Anyone have any experience with this species?

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