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I'm posting this in the main discussion forum to reach the broadest audience:


Registrations are coming in at a rapid clip for the Pre-Tour, Biennial, and Post-Tour.  Don't miss out!

October 2015 IPS Newsletter

Description and pricing, link to Registration page

Anyone wishing to add information, photos, other discussion, please feel welcome. 

Be aware this topic will eventually be moved to the Biennial section of the forum.

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I am sorry but on the newsletter I can read that : …Registration for IPS 2015 Biennial in Sarawak…..is now open.  OMG; which day is today?


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    • MaryLock
      By MaryLock
      The Hawaii Island Palm Society and Floribunda Palms & Exotics put on their first ever Palm Master Class - and it was pretty mind blowing.  The class size was restricted so there were two sessions of a little less than 30 people each.  We met at the Hawaiian Acres Community Association and HIPS shuttled people to Floribunda with a rented a shuttle bus and a member's minivan.
    • Mandrew968
      By Mandrew968
      Happy New Year Palmtalk!  I am posting to give everyone a heads up on the 2022 Biennial.
      Who: IPS members only and due to logistics, max 150 people. 
      What: the IPS Biennial Hawaii 2022
      When: October 9th through the 15th of 2022. 
      Where: Oahu and Hilo with pre and post tours planned for Maui and Kaua'i. Special notables include Lyon Arboretum, Foster Botanical, Floribunda and Leilani Estates and more.
      Why: because it's Hawaii and we love super palmy places!
      More details to come but if you plan on making it, save the date, and check in, below!
    • SW_FL_Palms
      By SW_FL_Palms
      IPS has posted it's pre & post tours.   Unfortunately, the do not go to areas where you can see the Spiny Forest, Succulents,  Baobabs.  Of course, it is the palm society so they are focused on palms.
      Is there anyone out there that would like to join us on Madagascar tour that would take us to see the iconic plants that I listed above ?   A tour company will customize. and provide a quote    So let me know if you are interested, and preference for either before or after the biennial in Reunion.   
    • Tracy S
      By Tracy S
      I understand the 2020 IPS Biennial will be held in Reunion Island. Do we have firm dates yet? When will the travel details be available?
    • Hillizard
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      "The commodity [palm oil], used in everything from chocolate and cosmetics to car fuel, is mired in controversy as native tropical rain forests inhabited by orangutan, rhinoceroses and other endangered species have increasingly made way for oil-palm groves. "

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