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    • Walt
      By Walt
      I put together some video and photos I took shortly after Hurricane Irma came roaring by west of me. I finally got around to editing them all together and making a YouTube video showing the damage caused by Irma to my palms, trees, shrubs, etc. Fortunately, virtually no damage was done to my house, other than some aluminum soffit panels came loose.
      My biggest palm loss were my two Syagrus botryophora. I had both tied with ropes (anchored) in hopes that the palms wouldn't be blown over at the roots (like I've seen in photos). But the ropes didn't help as both palm's trunks were snapped in two higher up on the trunks. As you can imagine, I wasn't a happy camper when I traversed  my entire property inspecting the damage. The clean up job was monumental. It took me 4-5 months of working 3-5 hours a day cleaning all the debris up.
      Then to add insult to injury, several months after Irma, I noticed many of my slash pines starting to die. The pines, I assume from the stress Irma caused to them (breaking off many limbs) got infected with pine bark beetles. I had my palm trimmer come in with his crew and bucket truck and take down about six big slash pines, while I cut down small ones. But since then about 10 more slash pines have died, and my tree trimmer is coming back next week to take seven of them down. The other three are inaccessible in a wooded area, so they will have to rot and fall in place.
      This spring I purchased eight new species of palms. Some I planted, others are still in pots. My garden, overall, is not coming back strong. I plan to do an update video (for 2018) this October, but using a drone camera to get some aerial views of my property. Other than that, I'm well over the property damage Irma caused. That's life, that's tough!
    • Rd003
      By Rd003
      As you all know, this September Hurricane Irma payed us a visit in South Florida. In my case this is the first hurricane that I have experienced in twelve years (Wilma Oct 24 2005). Here is some footage taken 
      Warning: Palms were hurt in this video, viewer discretion is advised (jk but still) 
      on September 10 documenting Irma’s passage across Southern Florida
    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      Right now it looks like hurricane Irma will slam Florida, if I were there I would start preparing or even thinking about evacuation plans. Stay safe everyone. 
    • IHB1979
      By IHB1979
      I can imagine the Texas folks on the forum are starting preparations for the storm. The intensity isn't really dialed in yet, but you sure look to get a lot of rain...measured in feet!
      Stay safe!
    • TikiRick
      By TikiRick
      Cyclone Debbie is currently off the coast of Queensland, forecasted to impact the coastal areas with up to 110 mph winds.
      To all of our Aussie palm folks in Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Airlie Beach, we are hoping and praying for the best for all of you and your gardens. 
      I know how you feel! I've lived through 22 cyclones since I was a little boy in South Florida. 
      Thinking of you! 
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