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    • ExperimentalGrower
      By ExperimentalGrower
      Vallejo, CA, (USDA Zone 9b/Sunset Zone 17) Advective freeze last night, with frost. Dew point hovered just below actual temperatures during the coldest hours. Humidity was considerably high for an event like this in Northern California. Generally during similar cold events humidity levels out in my area are consistently quite low. ~70% damage on horizontally exposed leaves. This is a juvenile 5 multiple clump planted last July 4th, 2020 so a pretty dense set of leaves packed into a small area, which coincidentally results in some leaves being exposed and damaged, and others protected and damage free. This clump is under wide open sky near a west facing wooden fence, less than 20 ft from the south facing wall of my house. Somewhat surprised this much damage occurred at those temps but it was advective with frost, on a plants that have been in the ground less than a year so ya...

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have many palms. Most of them are very happy palms because I love them and we treat them well. In turn, they reward us with bountiful crops of seeds. I've learned there is scant interest in seeds of very tropical palms, esp. "common" ones that grow fast and get large no matter how beautiful they are. Today we got out the pole saw to stop these palms from burying us alive in seeds. We ended up with the pile of aborted infructescenses you see in the photos. Sad, I know, but necessary.
      For anyone interested, that pile includes the following species as I can best remember:
      Adonidia merrillii
      Veitchia joannis
      Veitchia spiralis
      Veitchia winin
      Carpentaria acuminata
      Dypsis pembana
      Coccothrinax sp
      Archonotophoenix tuckeri
      Archonotophoenix maxima
      Ptychosperma elegans

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have 100+ seedlings of this rare Archonotophoenix species in 4" pots for sale. A. maxima is the largest of the so-called king palms, reaching up to 25m tall. Palmpedia gives conflicting info on its coldhardiness: one description indicates 28F but another article claims this species has survived frostless 24.4F with 60% leaf burn (which claim is correct I don't know). My mother palm overlooking our canal has no problems with SWFL winters. A. maxima is one of the rarest king palms in the US and difficult to find. See summary below:
      Archonotophoenix maxima seedlings: $1.00 each
      Shipping = $10.00 via Priority Mail. Seedlings will be shipped without pots and most soil with roots protected by damp orchid moss, clear wrap and foil.
      No shipping outside of US. No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal. Please PM me if you are interested.
      Sample Seedlings for sale

      Mother Palm

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Today I continued my photo record of our landscaping escapades by focusing on the east side of the house. In the swale near the street I planted a bald cypress. I love how they grow "knees" in the Everglades. Cape Coral has started landscaping water runoff areas with cypress and some of them have developed really cool knees. Just above the swale, on the slope - bad idea - I put in an 8x8 Euphorbia garden. This was before we acquired our garden lot and had little room left for my goofy ideas. So, some of the tall Euphorbias have a tendency to list or fall over.

      I missed this little Livistona nitida when I photographed Sabal Row. It's actually not on my property but no one has complained yet.

      From the street side looking south

      Our monster Roystonea regia. We planted it over 20 years ago as a willowy sapling. It's fixing to rain down 1000s of little seeds.

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