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      By New to Palms2
      About 6 weeks ago, we bought 4 palms from the Home Depot in Laguna Niguel, CA.  2 are Kentias -- they were stored in the shaded part of the garden area -- not quite inside, not quite outside.  Both looked healthy, but one was pretty overgrown for its pot (over 6' tall).  The other Kentia is about 4' tall. 
      The Pygmy date palms were stored in the outdoor, sunny part of the garden area.  They're each 3 trunks, and about 3-4' tall.
      I live about a mile from the ocean, so the temperature doesn't generally get too hot.  When we planted the trees, we added palm mix with the soil.  Our regular soil has a lot of clay.  Most of my neighbors have palms, especially pygmy date palms.  Not sure how many have Kentias.
      The plants were doing pretty well for the first couple of weeks.  At about the 3rd week, we had about a week long heat wave -- sunny all day and temps in the 90s.  Since then, the larger of the Kentias hasn't looked too happy -- kind of droopy, and some of the fronds have died (we cut one off, and now another one is dead.)  The other Kentia seems to be doing o.k.
      Also, for the Pygmy date palms, one of the plants has some brown fronds.  The other one seems o.k.
      I'm attaching photos of the plants -- the first 2 pictures are of the trees that aren't doing very well.  The last 2 are the trees that seem to be o.k.  I would appreciate any advice you can give on how to care for these plants -- how often to water, etc.
      Thank you!

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