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    • IVO
      By IVO
      Hello! I have 3 washingtonia robustas growing from seeds in 1.5 gallon pots. This spring I'm going to repot them into bigger ones. So my question is. How important to them is root damage, because some of roots are sticking out from drain holes and there is no way rather that clip them off? 
      My 6 moths old palms and me on the picture.

    • Makaisland Palms
      By Makaisland Palms
      So, just wanted to share an experience, hopefully save someone else some trouble!  After nearly 3 years, I've finally just had my first Plumeria bloom! Yahoo!!! The funny thing is, that I have about fifty plants going, some of which are now nearly 6 feet tall, triple headed and can barely hold themselves up in their pots, but the one that finally flowered, is some squat little two and a half footer, single headed one that I had kind of abandoned in its original small container. So here's the lesson that I think I've learned.  As the other ones were growing, I kept saying to myself, "ooooo yeah!  Get huge! That's the key to flowers coming.  Gotta get these plants as big as I can, that'll definitely get me flowers sooner!" And so, as soon as it grew a bit, I'd pot it up in a bigger container and let it grow even bigger. Loving it!!!!! Buuuuuuuuut, what I figure I've been doing is telling the plant to just keep making new roots. Every time it grows into its container, and it's likely ready to start flowering, I slap it into a bigger container.  Basically saying to it, no! Don't flower, grow more roots!
      And then, outta the blue, one of the puny plants that I wasn't potting up all the time, is the first one to flower!  Ha!  Lesson learned!
      Hopefully this saves someone else some time!   

    • SilverDragon
      By SilverDragon
      So I have a few joannis and spiralis seedlings that are doing quite well in some one gallon pots, bit now a few have roots coming out of the bottom. Should I transplant them to a deeper pot? If so, I'd really appreciate it if someone could link me a site where I can order the deep black square pots I see many growers using on here.
    • yezishu
      By yezishu
      Hi all. below I've included picture of these brown spots and tips that have been appearing on my Phoenix roebelenii. I've been trying to water it at proper intervals and it gets adequate sun, but there are these brown spots appearing on the leaves and tips. I'm sure this question has been asked many many times but I figured you experts are the best place to go for information how to combat this. Are there any fertilizers I should be using perhaps. Thanks in advance for the responses

    • Jono Miller
      By Jono Miller
      Regarding the length of roots on cabbage palms, Wade and Langdon cite Sargent (1933) as follows: 
      ". . .with a short pointed knob-like under ground stem surrounded by a dense mass of contorted roots often 4° or 5° in diameter and 5° or 6° deep, from which tough light orange-colored roots often nearly 1/2' in diameter penetrate the soil for a distance of 15° or 20°, "   On the other hand,  at a palm workshop I was told cabbage palms can have roots 40 or 50 feet long.   My own observations on eroding beaches and banks suggests 15' or 20' is definitely too short.  See image from Cedar Key.   Does anyone have a personal observation or citation for Sabal palmetto root length other than Sargent?   

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