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    • redant
      By redant
      I'm always amazed by nature, obviously if a seed is going to fall from such a great height, you need more cushioning.  My wife and I eat a lot of these.

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      After a long absence I have rediscovered Shorpy, the online vintage photo site. The link below leads to an 1897 photo of a waterside walk lined with coconut palms. They look like a dwarf, not tall, variety. Anyone agree? Great photo.
    • LF-TX
      By LF-TX
      Hello everyone,
      After losing my coconuts to severe inundations this past summer, I’m looking towards to buying a few more cocos. While here in the RGV the Mexican Tall variety works well, it’s awfully hard to get your hands on one due to the fact that they’re not allowed to be brought into the US. Therefore, I was wondering, is there a possible way that one could order a husked coconut // seedling (preferably) from an online source that has coconuts from Hawaii or India? I really want to try growing either one of those varieties. 
    • Yunder Wækraus
      By Yunder Wækraus
      I just got back from my first trip to Papua New Guinea (work related). I spent 11 days on a tiny island with a local family completely cut off from phone and internet. The islanders are trilingual: they speak Titan as their Tok Ples, Tok Pisin (aka Melanesian Pidgin) as the lingua franca, and all adults can communicate in English to some degree. The island was once the site of a copra plantation, and there remain 1,000+ very tall coconut trees from which the islanders derive their major source of income, coconut oil. These people are truly the people of the coconut. I ate a coconut apple for my first time, enjoyed the fizzy wonders of a fresh young coconut (chuwi in Titan/kulau in Tok Pisin), and learned how they used coconuts (niw in Titan/kokonas in Tok Pisin) for everything: husks for fire to smoke fish or extract cococonut oil, coconut water, coconut cream, grated coconut (laboriously obtained via a coconut scraper/ ndrawai in Titan), and leaves for structures. I also ate sago palm flour for my first time (api in Titan/saksak in Tok Pisin), which was served mixed with coconut alongside fresh fish. It was amazing to live among people who have evolved on a diet made up of 50% palm products.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I found these on Google Maps just south of Jupiter Island, are these ntuarally growing washed up coconuts? I think they really look cool. 
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