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Germinated Copernicia macroglossa seeds

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I have 100+ germinated Copernicia macroglossa seeds available at $1.00 each. I would prefer to sell them to one or two people to reduce the amount of shipping. Please contact me by PM here or at jody@plantapalm.com.


Jody Haynes

Miami, FL



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    • avanza
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      Copernicia macroglossa water need?
      thank you

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So I ordered 100 Washingtonia robusta seeds from Amazon around a month ago (It costs like $3). I got the seeds, but they weren't what I was expecting! They came from China and are Trachy seeds! Oh well, lesson learned, haha.

    • PalmTreeDude
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      So I came home today to literally every single community pot I had on my deck ripped up and broken seeds everywhere... It was definitely a squirrel because no bird here could do that much damage and I saw a squirrel on my deck two days in a row before this happened. Any way to protect community pots from squirrels? 
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      So I have been reading things about people soaking palm seeds in small amounts of bleach and water for a minute or two to prevent them from getting mold while germinating. My question is, when you soak them in the bleach and water solution, do you rinse them with water right after, or do you put them straight into the medium? I have looked for the answer to this and could not find it. 
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      I’ve checked BICON and if the seed is listed for sowing it appears to give the same generic requirements, which includes certification/commercial packaging confirming species ID.
      This is not a problem if seeds are purchased from somewhere like RPS, but has anyone had success bringing seeds into Australia that they collected themselves, say on holiday and brought them back in hand carry? 
      Did customs permit the declared seeds without the required certification?
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