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Thank you from a Biennial "Newbie"

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I just wanted to thank everyone for a great first Biennial! For years I have read about the Biennials but wasn't able to attend either from lack of time or funds. It was great to finally meet people whose names I have come across repeatedly. I also was amazed at how warm, friendly, helpfull and down-to-earth everyone was. From introducing me to others, to answering questions, everyone was amazing!

I would like to thank everyone who organized the Biennial. I'm sure it was an extremely difficult and complicated venture but overall, it seemed flawless. The accomodations were very comfortable, the food delicious and the gardens simply out of this world!! Kim Cyr, thanks for answering all my endless email questions about my transportation issues, Jeff Searle and his wife, thanks for the amazing garden tour in Key West and also showing me your home garden and chatting with me at your nursery.

It truly was incredible to meet and chat with people from all over the world...Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Scotland, etc, etc. To share stories and experiences was truly inspiring.

Although I'm not sure I will be able to attend the next Biennial, I am gratefull I was able to attend this one and to the new friendships I made thru the IPS. Thanks again!

Jeff Bielski

New Jersey

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Great to hear that you had such a good time and I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you! As a matter of fact, pretty much right away at Searle's Nursery since you ended up sitting right next to me! :) And I do hope you'll be able to attend the next one as well. It's going to be REAL good one, I'm quite certain of that! :)



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Walter John

I missed this post and just wanted to respond, great to meet you Jeff, that was my 2nd biennial so I understand how you felt, plus my first time to USA, the people and palms were fantastic.

As Bo hinted, the 2016 biennial will be as grand and exciting as any before.

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Dear Jeff:

Please check out the trip planned before our Madagascar Board meeting in October. The IPS trips are planned by members very experienced with the areas and I have enjoyed everyone of them for the past 12 years! They are well worth saving up for!

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