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Scott Zona

Photo request from Archbold Biological Station

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Scott Zona

Calling all you photographers. Dr. Eric Menges has asked for photos from our Biennial visit to Archbold to use in their facebook page (see message below). Please contact Dr. Menges directly if you can help out with a photo or two.


We’d like to publicize the IPS visit on our facebook page. Did you or did anyone on your tour take any good photos for this purpose. An ideal one would be a people photo, perhaps also featuring a palm.



Dr. Eric S. Menges

Director, Plant Ecology Program and Senior Research Biologist

Archbold Biological Station

123 Main Dr.

Venus, FL 33960

Office Phone: 863-465-2571 ext. 234

Fax: 863-699-1927

Email: emenges@archbold-station.org

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I took some photos. I'll see what I have that could be acceptable and I will contact Dr. Menges.


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Walter John

I have a few as well, I'll post them here later today and maybe Dr. Eric Menges could check in here on Palmtalk and have a look for himself and select what he likes then if he picks one of mine for example, I could send him the higher definition version. Is he a member of IPS ?

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Walter John

Sabal etonias and IPS biennial visitors at Archbold Biological Station. Have a look Eric, refer by photo number for any you would like. I'll email the larger high def versions to you.

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Photo 4:


Photo 5:


Photo 6:


Photo 7:


Photo 8:


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Walter John

Photo 9:


Photo 10:


Photo 11:


Photo 12:


Photo 13:


Photo 14:


Photo 15:


Photo 16:


Photo 17:


It was a pleasure visiting, we Australians love palms in habitat more than anything, well, cold beers on a hot day might win out. Thanks for your efforts, very much appreciated and I hope these photos help. I would suggest you check out photos by Jack Sayers as well and I'm certain Daryl (seen in last pic here) would have some great photos too, along with plenty of the others. All I ask in return is for you to encourage your associates and friends to join the International Palm Society, let's do all we can and every little bit helps to protect and save these fantastic plants, thanks.

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