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    • JLeVert
      By JLeVert
      This is a continuation of the Sabal minor post from a few days ago.  Same trail (Great Wall) in the Forks Area Trail System off-road bike trails in Edgefield County, SC, about 20 minutes north of Augusta, GA.  
      In the photographs, beginning with the map, the pictures are in ascending order by elevation.  The trail is the red one on the map and you can see how close it gets to a finger of the Savannah River.  There are fairly steep gullies leading down to the river.  In places, Sabal minor is really thick and then a little further down in what seems to be prime palm habitat, there won't be any.  My speculation is that when cotton was grown here, the palm-empty areas were arable, while the steeper areas never were usable for crops.  
      The first picture after the map was taken at 211', but pretty high up above the palms.  It was a warm day and I didn't have time to get down to the bottom.....or time to deal with a little snake bite!  I think that I was about 30'-40' above the palms.  There were lots of seedlings above the main population of S. minor.  Again, maybe they are expanding their territory again since there is no agriculture here now.  This is national forest that is logged occasionally.  They do controlled burns about every three years.

    • JLeVert
      By JLeVert
      On Sunday, I was out running the off-road bike trails in the Sumter National Forest in Edgefield County, SC about twenty minutes from Augusta, Ga, and ran up on this beautiful colony of Sabal minor.  Minors are actually pretty common in inundation and seepage areas in the forest, but can be found on steep slopes well away from obvious water sources.  This colony was at 285' in elevation or a little less since I was up above them to take the picture.  On some of the other trails, the colonies are even more extensive.

    • mfpalms
      By mfpalms
      Rhapidophyllum hystrix specimen in 5 gallon  $65.00
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    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I had a thread with a bunch of things about VA Beach Sabal palmettos, with pictures and streetview links, but just could not find it. Anyway, here is a nice Sabal palmetto in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Notice how it is inland. Also, apparently there is a street called "Palmetto Avenue" in Virginia Beach just down the street from this nice palmetto.  The palmetto is the pin on the map, the other pin shows Palmetto Avenue. I did not expect palmetto to be in the name of anything north of North Carolina, so that's neat. 

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So far we got down to 23 degrees F. All of the palms (of course) are fine. Some get pretty big over the summer, especially my needle palm, it was covered by the bananas, and now that I can see the while palm, it got really big, much bigger than it looks in the pictures.