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Robert Lee Riffle

Posting Photos

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Robert Lee Riffle

Posted: Mar. 02 2005,01:43  



Look at the bottom of the message-composing

window and you will see a blank box with

a 'browse' button to the right of it.  From that

you can locate a file on your own computer and

upload it directly to the Website.

Note: you can not PREVIEW the message when

including a photo in it.  It won't post this way and you'll have to start over.

ALSO, since the picture will be stored on the IPS web

space, so image files must be 100k or smaller in size;

this is plenty big for a good .jpg file about 500-600

pixels wide.



To add a photo from your own web space, look for the

'image' button above the message composition box

and click it. You will see a box prompting you for the

URL of your image file and then for a description.

There is no size restriction for your linked photos but

if they are quite large I suggest just linking to them

with some descriptive text to keep page downloading

time reasonable for people with slow modems.

To easily get the URL, first look at your image with

your web browser and then right click your mouse on

the image and a info box will appear. One of the items

is the web address’ URL for the image. Copy the address

with your mouse cursor (hold mouse button down and

drag mouse cursor across URL till it is highlighted);

then paste the URL into the blank box for the message


(Contribution by Mike in Houston


Edited by Robert Lee Riffle on May 07 2005,00:42


Coastal southeastern St. Lucie Co., Florida,

between White City and Port St. Lucie--zone 10a

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