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    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      I just got these Mountain Coconuts to plant, but they seem a bit too green. Would they be able to germinate? I read it is pretty hard to germinate those anyway.  Should I remove the mesocarp (the green husk)?
      I was planning on letting them dry for a few weeks, then a few weeks in the fridge, then soak them for a few days, then plant them halfway burried in topsoil/peat moss mix and leave them outside to experience daily temperature variation.
      Does enyone have experience germinating Parajubaea Torallyi?

    • SEVA
      By SEVA
      Does anyone know what these are? They were found washed up on the beach. There are 2 fruits and one with the fruit removed, revealing the seed. The fruit was sticky and almost web-like.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I collected some Sabal palmetto seeds from Virginia Beach off of an older palmetto there in July, I just now removed the dry fruits from some of the seeds, and they look kind of light. Could this just be because they were still in the fruit? They all sank in water. I am just used to the seeds being a bit darker. 

    • Grasswing
      By Grasswing
      I am interested in buying Ceroxylon quindiuense and other Ceroxylon species seeds. Does anyone know some reputable source (except RPS)? What is the season the seeds tend to be available? Any information greatly appreciated.
    • Jonathan Haycock
      By Jonathan Haycock
      Hi all,
      I’m currently living in the UK, but will be emigrating to Australia within the next 2-3 months. 
      I’m looking for pure seeds of Allagoptera, Jubaeopsis, Lytocaryum, Parajubaea sunkha, Parajubaea cocoides, and hybrid seeds (in any combination) of Allagoptera, Butia, Jubaea, Jubaeopsis, Lytocaryum, Parajubaea, and Syagrus to take with me, or contacts in Australia who have mature specimens of the above.
      Appreciate most palm enthusiasts who produce F1 hybrids often won’t offer seeds as it makes more sense to sell the seedlings/plants, but I’m also open to F2’s, F3’s etc. 
      Many thanks