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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Saw this article in the news this morning. Haven't read it yet but am already shivering. If there is any good in this news, it's that the vortex won't arrive until mid-February. Maybe the effects won't be as severe by then.
      Note: I'm reading article now. Polar vortex to start end of Dec. and inflict "one of the harshest winters in years." Yikes! I remember the last one not too many years back.
    • Jdical
      By Jdical
      Hi all this is my first post and I am in the Kill Devil Hills Area of OBX, NC. I have a few Sabal palms on my property and I recently planted 2 new 18 ft's last summer that rooted really well however I did not wrap them given the previous mild summer. So, of course, we had a terrible winter and all of my Sabals got some cold damage. Of the 2 I planted last year one is doing pretty good and has some really good growth and tight spears shooting through. The other has developed a soft trunk to about an inch in certain spots but is growing a nice spear but just incredibly slowly. I did dig around the palm and noticed that that around 18 inches it had solid roots that were alive and had grown significantly since I planted it. I cut off a lot of the brown fronds so it doesnt have a ton of nutrients getting to it. I included 2 pictures from June 11 and July 19. Any suggestions for further treatment beyond Copper Fungicide (I did treate it already)? Also, can these palms bounce back? Many thanks as this is my first post and I'm a recent memeber.  

    • kinzyjr
      By kinzyjr
      I commented on a few other threads that my archontophoenix alexandrae looked fine after our 28F advective freeze in January.  Some leaf tip burn, but overall healthy.  About a month later, I noticed the spear starting to get brown streaks and gave it a tug.  There was some movement, so I gave it a sharper tug and it came out with the entire bottom being brown and mushy.  I peroxided the hole, and it bubbled profusely.  The next day, I sprayed the hole full of copper fungicide.  One side of the crownshaft had a brown streak on it, probably from cold/wind damage.  At this point, that brown streak is splitting from a bulge in the crownshaft. 
      Surgery necessary on this one to clear a jam?
      Anyone have any input? 

    • IHB1979
      By IHB1979
      It's that time of year again, crazy how time flies. My coastal city just finished removing Hurricane Matthew debris (vegetation & fences) from my area this week and now we are talking about old man winter. This is a week out so can't take it too seriously, but it's good to be prepared.
      Saturday morning, December 10th looks like our first shot at much colder weather. Especially for north Florida.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      So my Madjesty Palm saw 28 degrees (F) and to make matters worse it was in a pot, this is in Virginia on the boarder of zone 7a/7b and from what I have heard Madjesty Palms are a zone 9b palm. This palm has been good with no damage to 30 degrees (F) in the pot. It loved the cold as you can see! 

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