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:) Here is an announcement I recieved via E-mail from the South Florida Palm Society. Palm Talk's very own Jeff Searle will be the keynote speaker. :interesting::greenthumb:

There will be a general membership meeting on Monday August 5th, 7:30pm, at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG).

FTBG is located at 10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, FL. The meeting will be in the Corbin room.

Following the meeting, there will be an auction of palms. Please bring your palms for donation to the auction.

Light refreshments will be served. Food will be Potluck.

Free seeds will be available at the information table.

The guest speaker will be Mr. Jeff Searle. Mr. Searle is a Life Member of the SFPS and has provided the SFPS with many informative

and entertaining programs about his World travels in the past. Jeff's program for August 5th will be;

The Palms, Plants and People of Thailand

In September of last year, the Thailand Biennial of the International Palm Society was held at Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens in Pattaya. The largest collection of palms in the world is found there along with extensive collections of orchids, cycads, flowering plants and cactus. Jeff, his wife Andrea, and a good friend, Rob van der Borg, spent three weeks visiting various plant markets, nurseries and the beautiful sights in and around Bangkok. His program will allow you to share in that rich experience.

Jeff, 55, owner of Searle Brothers Nursery since 1982, grows primarily a large selection of woody ornamentals and specializes in palm trees. The 20 acre-nursery is located in Southwest Ranches.

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    • Cindy Adair
      By Cindy Adair
      On PT I see all the stunning photos and descriptions of past and future travel with the International Palm Society. 
      Here’s the group of us on the unforgettable Sarawak, Borneo pre tour in 2016.

      I recall times I almost did not sign up due to time, family and work constraints and costs involved.
      However every time it is only the trips I missed that I regret.
      And the friendships I have made across the world are at least as important as the sights and experiences.
      I took my first IPS trip using hoarded airline points through a country I had to find on a map (Qatar) to a place of my dreams (Thailand) in 2012, based primarily on comments by Palm Talk users I had never met.
      I am asking all of you now who have traveled anywhere on an IPS sponsored trip to post why you loved your trip(s). 
      Photos always welcome, but not required. 
    • el-blanco
      By el-blanco
      Old Man Palm from Jeff Searle in Flo-Rida. 12 years in the ground from a 1 gallon size.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Who has one in California??

    • BPK Palm Addict
      By BPK Palm Addict
      Hey guys,
      I just wanted to give a shout out to Jeff Searle.  We lost a lot of our palms last year due to Hurricane Irma.  Last week Jeff spent half of his day with us helping us pick out lots of beautiful palms to go back in our garden.  I will post some pictures when this wind stops and we can get them in the ground. 
      Thanks again Jeff.
      Joe and Kim
    • mike in kurtistown
      By mike in kurtistown
      During the southern Thailand pre-tour before the 2012 biennail, we visited the Khao Sak National Park. I collected seeds of an unknown palm on the road past the park headquarters. There were a line of them, suggesting strongly that they were a cultivated planting. The fruits were oval, 1.0 inch long and 0.6 inch wide, and were a coral/orange color. Leaf bases were yellowish. Since I was preoccupied with a bleeding leech bite, I foolishly neglected to get a picture.
      I have grown one of them here at home. Planting one in a near full-sun location, the leaves burnt almost as soon as they grew, though the plant seems to be a fast grower.I have kept it covered with shadecloth, and it has grown well. It will be moved as soon as I can find a better place for it.
      I hope that someone will volunteer to ID this palm. Pictures follow.

    • Kevin S
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      Just got back from a vacation in Thailand.  Saw a coconut palm I wish I had.

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