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The Silent Seed

Approx 2,000 Wisteria seeds - two colors.

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The Silent Seed

Seeds are between 1-3 years old. No guarantee on viability, since each of us has our own growing methods. None are from this past fall. When collected, some were still cold and when brought inside, the skins split on some of them - no idea of those ones will grow, but just a disclaimer that some of them have this condition. (Not many.)

A little over 1,000 purple/lavender seeds (roughly)

900 - 1000 ? Pink seeds (selfed, so high percentage of pinks should ensue.)

I prefer to just let them all go at once - but may split it up. If approx 5-10 people ask me for smaller numbers, before somebody asks for the whole lot, then I will consider it.

The purples were separated into small brown bags as promo gifts with a few seeds in each, for a show - I won't take the time to take them out of all these bags - that's on you.

I have been asked before to ship without tracking to save a dollar. Please do not ask. It protects both of us.

I have NO IDEA how much the whole lot will cost to ship, so there is a flat fee of $25 for shipping. If you will nitpick about this, then this offer is not a good fit for you. My offer is more than generous, like my other offers have been.

If you are one of the people that will only want a few, then I can do that - for a flat $5. (Again, with tracking.) I do not use envelopes.


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